What to Expect When You’ve Been Diagnosed with Osteoarthritis

What to Expect When You’ve Been Diagnosed with Osteoarthritis

anxiety from arthritis

Sliding through a dark tunnel, this is what it feels like after being diagnosed (courtesy of Youtube)

“I’m 28. WAAAYYY too young for osteoarthritis. This is something old people have to worry about.”

“This can’t happen to me, I’m still active and have BIG PLANS for my future.”

“Doctor. You have to be joking.”

“This isn’t funny anymore. Seriously…how do you make this go away?”

Those and tons of other questions stormed through my mind once I was diagnosed with arthritis. I still repeat the last one from time to time.

There’s the initial shock of being diagnosed with ankle osteoarthritis. Thinking that you’re too young and healthy for something like this to happen. Then, slowly, it’s the realization that you have no idea what to expect now that you’ve been diagnosed with ankle osteoarthritis. So you take to Google, maybe Reddit, Inspire.com or one of the other sites that talk about arthritis, to find out everything you can about that lies ahead. You’ll read a lot about so called treatments and cure, providing false hope. And even though it is the internet, you’ve find a lot of helpful people who are in your shoes that are more than happy to offer up some advice or a few kind words.

There’s a lot to digest and you’ll probably feel overwhelmed at times. Eventually you’ll start seeing the same ideas over and over and you’ll begin to have a better grip on your osteoarthritis. I found a lot of helpful information out there, but a few pieces were missing, so here are a few additional things to expect when you’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis that you might not come across or even think about.