Osteoarthritis Exercise Program for Ankle Joint Stability and Strength

Quick, what activities come to mind when you think of being active with osteoarthritis? Walking. Stationary biking. Swimming. Maybe sitting on your couch.

Yes, those answers are correct.

But what about surfing? That’s right. Hear me out…


Image courtesy of L’Express

Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of osteoarthritis exercise programs to help with my ankle stability and strength.  Of all those programs, it was a workout designed for surfing that has proven to be the most beneficial for me.

For many years, my workout routines were similar to those I did in college: squats, deadlifts, and jumping and agility exercises. As my ankle osteoarthritis grew worse, it became clear that those were not the type of exercises I could continue if I wanted to properly manage my OA.