There are some things I’ll never be able to do. That’s the truth. It’s not one of those situations where if I put my mind to it I’ll be able to achieve it.


No. Not the case at all.

There are activities I’ll never be able to do again because of my osteoarthritis. Here’s a short list:

  • Run
  • Play basketball
  • Backpack
  • Walk up/down stair normally
  • Walk normally

Just because osteoarthritis takes something from you, doesn’t mean you have to ignore that activity. My ankle OA has taken away backpacking. It hurts (emotionally, not physically) not being able to backpack anymore. And it’s hard seeing others do what I so badly want to do. But I haven’t stopped paying attention. I can still participate to some degree. I may never get to the top of Mt Whitney (I did!) or make other hiking trips on my Wish List (I won’t):

But I can help those who are able to fulfill their dreams, and a little piece of me is able to make it happen as well.

Is there is someone who is doing what you can only dream of, show your support for that person. Follow them on FB, Instagram, Pinterest or another social media outlet. Buy something they endorse. If it makes you feel part of the adventure, in some small way, then participate!

It’s important to not let osteoarthritis take away everything you enjoy. It can take away your ability to participate in something, but it doesn’t have to take away your love of that activity.

That’s something I’m dealing with now. I can’t go backpacking anymore and seeing others making the trips I had planned on doing hurts. It’s part jealousy, part feeling sorry for myself. I’m not yet at the stage where I can follow or read about all the adventures I see others doing that I once had planned on taking myself. I’m working on it, slowly, but it will come. I just need to find my own way to participate.
How do you participate?  When you see someone doing an activity you can no longer do, how does that make you feel?